Jarret “Doctor Jarret” Patton is the founder and CEO of DoctorJarret, PLLC, a firm which helps educate, enlighten, and improve healthcare. He shares his work, mission, and purpose through books, coaching programs and public speaking engagements. Doctor Jarret’s work can be seen in medical literature, journals, news segments, radio, and books primarily focused on general pediatrics, cultural competency, and health equity. He has personally written two book series, “Licensed to Live®,” a #1 best-selling book series focusing on career coaching, and “Whose Bad @$$ Kids Are Those?®” which focuses on behavior and parenthood for children of all ages.

Doctor Jarret has served thousands of children in eastern Pennsylvania through his dedicated career as a pediatrician and Medical Director for over 20 years. His servant leadership and devotion to advocating for children’s issues has led him to become a change agent in the healthcare field. As a former President of Medical Staff at an 8- hospital system, Doctor Jarret has worked with fellow leaders to promote both children’s health and equity in challenging and complex environments.

Aside from his years of successful work in pediatrics, Doctor Jarret has advised in regional and national committees, such as: The Joint Commission, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Hospital Association. His post-medical training included fellowships with organizations such as the Disparities Leadership Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Cultural Competency Leadership Fellowship with the Health Research and Educational Trust.

Doctor Jarret received his B.S. in Chemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana. After completing undergraduate studies, he attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine to complete his medical degree. He also completed his pediatric residency at New York University and Bellevue Hospitals in NYC.


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