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  • Understand your reasons (and the true root cause) for wanting to make a change in your career at this time
  • Understand what it takes to weather the storm as you begin this new journey
  • Start to build a plan and set goals for your career transition that will not overwhelm you
  • Take action and execute on your plan now
Dr. Jarret Patton

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Jarret “Doctor Jarret” Patton MD FAAP has served thousands of children in eastern Pennsylvania for over 15 years.

Throughout his career as a pediatrician and medical director, he has remained an advocate for children's health issues. Over time, his servant leadership style led him to curtail clinical practice to become a change agent in the healthcare system.

As a former President of the Medical Staff at an eight hospital system in Pennsylvania he worked with other leaders to promote children's health and health equity in a highly matrixed environment. Additionally, he has advised many regional and national committees for organizations including The Joint Commission, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Hospital Association. 

Dr. Patton spent his post medical training in various fellowships ranging from the Disparities Leadership Program at Massachusetts General Hospital to the Cultural Competency Leadership Fellowship with the Health Research and Educational Trust. His #1 best-selling book 'Licensed to Live' helps guide professionals through sudden career transitions. Furthermore, he is published in the medical literature and contributed to books primarily in the areas of pediatrics, cultural competency, and health equity.

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